Ways to improve teaching and learning in your classroom

It’s had a few names over the years; Teaching and learning; learning strategies; teaching methods; instruction - but at its core, it is the same thing. This is what we do, it’s planning great lessons, it’s delivering great lessons, it’s great lesson ideas, it’s quick lesson tips, it’s how to make yourself a better teacher. It is the umbrella statement that we believe encapsulates the 7 teaching principles we have outlined. 

Get your students to do all the hardwork

Using this teaching idea will free up lots of your time and will really stretch all the students in your classroom.

You need to work less hard...

Under no circumstances at any point of the year should you be working harder than your students

Independence Day

Using this amazing teacher tip will enhance your lessons and make your students so much more independent

Blended learning – flip it

How can you use pre-recorded videos to enhance your blended learning?

There’s only one of you…

Can you make every lesson an "Ofsted" lesson? Using jigsaw grouping you might be able too

I have no idea what I am doing

Do students have too much confidence in the teacher and how could we make students more resilient?

How challenging is challenge?

How could you use one question in the classroom to ensure student progress?