Approve or Improve

You have had a long day. It's perihod five, should this class get less effort no, do they, almost in everyclass room across the globe. How can we ask a question to involve all students with ease. We magpie from the graphic design world, approve or improve; lets explore it.

Teacher : "photosynthesis is plant food, approve or improve?"

Student one : "improve, photosynthesis is how plants make food."

Teacher : "Okay, so photosynthesis is how plants make food, approve or improve?"

Student two : "Well, actually, Chlorophyll can make food the plant can use from carbon dioxide, and that process is called photosynthesis"

Teacher : "Okay, improve or approve"

You can repeat this process until you get the answer you want, in effect using one question to engage the whole class.

You can extend this by using student names in the process therefore targetting and tailoring this to your classes.

This will allow strench in the question of your lesson.

You can listen to Andy and Brad discuss this tip here