"How do I make it better Sir?"

You tell me

Students completing an open-ended piece of work will often think that they have ‘finished’.  Leading to multiple conversations like ‘I’ve done’, ‘can you mark it?’, ‘what else is there to do?’ and often even complacent students just sitting back thinking they’ve done enough.

There is one of you and many of them.  Does this mean that you have to run around this classroom cajoling and advising throughout these tasks?  Do you have to spend a chunk of time on them, stop, take them home to mark, give feedback, and then return them to students to improve?

Of course not; this is a poor use of your time.  You have a great resource - the other students.

Here’s a method.

Make a list of all the things you expect to see in the work, working up from lower level to higher level.  Indicate perhaps to different groups where they should start within this scale.  After a period, ask students to look at each other’s work and write using the table below a couple of WWW & EBI (what went well & even better ifs) on the work for them to add and improve.

www - ebi.png

Let them get on with the improvement.

You can then make your own summative judgments or further formative improvements later.