Practical, impactful and quick classroom assessment

Here at Rethink Education, we believe that a range of assessment and feedback strategies are key to students making progress. We will explain a wide range of forms of formative and summative assessment strategies to allow you to give your students feedback on how to improve, and how to measure their ongoing progress against their targets.

Peer marking and self-assessment

Making the most out of peer and self-assessment in the classroom will make your marking easier

Marking - Less is more

You are almost certainly doing too much marking, how can you adapt your teaching to make marking easier.

Why wait to mark work?

You have more time than you think for marking. Could you use classroom time for marking and feedback?

Marking - comment or score - never together

Should you give a score with your feedback? How does this impact on the feedback you give?

A method previously known as marking

A great teaching tip saving time and still giving constructive feedback. It will save you hours of marking time.

Getting students to assess and improve work

"How do I make it better Sir?"

You tell me