Using learning intentions and success criteria in lessons

It is absolutely key in the Rethink Education method that students are involved in their learning and can take ownership of their learning. Learning intentions and success criteria play a major role here. We explain how to embed learning intentions and success criteria as part of your practice. We try to go further than most idea you’ll see, showing you how to involve students in the process; moving it from a passive process to something students’ value as a key part of their lesson.

Why is it always on a slide?

There’s more than one way of doing it. How do you present your learning intentions and success criteria?

We need to talk about blooms

There’s nothing wrong with Bloom’s, but it’s not for what you think it’s for. Has it been oversimplified?

Not sharing is still caring

"Sir, You didn’t share the learning intention" Do you need to share the learning intention at the start of every lesson?

Save it for later

When is the best time to share the Learning Intentions with the class?