Adding sandwiches to your lesson

An education sandwich might just be the diet that some of the students in your class need. Believe it or not, some students will be turned off by the idea of hard work, however, this will not be due to laziness it will be down to confidence. How many times have you come across the mindset of “I cannot fail if I do not try”? It is one of the biggest barriers to entry for some students.

This is a simple way of almost tricking the students into working. You give the student a simple task, one they can complete without any help, do not let the student know this task is easy. They will complete it quickly once they have done this praise the efforts, they have put into completing the task. Then you give the student the actual task you want them to complete. They will have a confidence boost from the first task and be inclined to attempt the second task, they may need support with it, but you can structure it so that they able to make the progress with a little bit of guidance. The final task the student carries out will be as easy as the first one. This means the student leaves your classroom with a positive feel having completed the final task. Even if the student does not finish the second task it is important to get them to complete the final one. Move them on, this works because the student leaves the room on a high because the student was able to complete the last task they attempted.

This will keep the students engaged in the subject, they will are able to complete most of the tasks and this will get them to attempt a tricky one. 

Education sandwich