Routine Routine Routine

We all know from our daily life that we are often saved from ourselves by our routine; we arrive at work wondering whether we locked the door, yet we know that we did, we must have - it’s part of that practiced routine that gets us through the day, even before the morning coffee has had chance to kick in.

Sometimes a school is insistent that a particular routine is vital in entering a classroom, and that another must be avoided.  While you always have to work within the environment you are in, what really matters is that whatever you go with, you stick to.

Students will pick up on your routine quickly and will also notice deviation from it.  They will also take comfort and feel safe in the consistent structure that it provides.  The idea that kids hate rules is a myth - they secretly love them (shh).

An example of a classroom routine for me would be:

•  Line up outside the room.

•  Wait to be asked to come in.

•  Come in and stand behind chairs.

•  Sit down, log on, monitors off.

For a computing classroom, this works I am setting the tone in the class, relaxed and purposeful.  You set the tone for your room. This has a huge impact on the behaviour of the students; you do not have to be strict, but you do have to be consistent.

You can have routines for everything; those strange idiosyncratic habits that experienced teachers seem to have….  where do you think they came from?

You can listen to Andy and Brad discuss routines in the classroom here

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