Oh no! It rained

Picture the scene, its November, it’s a Thursday after lunch, it’s raining, and you have bottom set. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much are you looking forward to this? It does not matter because you have to do it. How do you approach this?

You might want to let a few things slip maybe, but it’s okay because:

“The kids are wet”

“It’s raining so the kids are more hyper than normal”

“It’s after lunch so you are full”

“It’s only 5 weeks till the Christmas break”

Whatever the reason might be, letting things slip is only going to backfire over time. The students will remember that when it rains, it’s okay to lower the expectations we have.

teaching rain cloud

A suggestion is to have the highest expectations in the room, higher than your expectations would normally be. Let the students know this is the pre-warn them before they come into the room. Do it at the very start, be clear and positive!

“It might have rained, you might be wet, but we are going to do the best work we have ever done!”

Do not allow the students to think your expectations have lowered, challenge the smallest thing with positivity, a good phrase to use for this is:

“right now, you are not meeting the expectations I have for you, I am not going to lower my opinion of you by lowering my expectation of you”