Be certain!

The worst thing has happened and despite all the methods and strategies, you have put into place a student has done something that requires a consequence. Later that day in a class, a student has blown you away with effort, you cannot believe just how hard this student had worked and the effort they have gone too, you let them know you are going to phone home with positive praise, but it's period 5 and you need to rush to a meeting, you will deal with it after, but you forget. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Let’s look at these two examples:

During a break duty, a student consistently acts below expectations and runs off 2 minutes before the end of the duty. You do not teach this student and it is unlikely in your large school you will come across this student again, you are busy anyway it’s probably best to just leave it. Well, this, of course, is not the correct response for many reasons, let’s just imagine you do come across this student again in the corridor, what does this student know about you, they know you do not follow up on any sanction, they are, again behaving lower than expectations, this is not going to go any differently than the first time, it is likely to go much worse, the first time they didn’t know you didn’t keep up with your sanctions, now they do.

Any sanction you put into place has to be carried out, it does not matter how small is it if you start issuing sanctions and going back on your word students are going to quickly start to see what else they can get away with.

During the lesson the student is engaged and working beyond how well they normally work, this warrants a call home, it’s five minutes out of your day but it will absolutely make a difference to the student, you tell the student you are contacting home, but you forget. The promised reward is now gone, so, how does this student react. It is unlikely they are going to put the same effort in the next lesson, what is the point, they do not get the reward.

Make sure anything you say in class is followed up, both positive and negative.

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