Tips to improve classroom behaviour

Classroom behaviour, classroom management, classroom expectations, it has many different names, however, it is always the same, your behaviour management strategies should create a purposeful working environment to ensure that all students are able to achieve. This will always look different with different teachers, but the outcome should always be the same; a working enables the maximum amount of learning – behaviour for learning.

Let’s highlight what we want to happen.

Improving your classroom behaviour by simply not using certain words.

Make noise to keep it down

Using music in the classroom to set the noise level is great classroom management tip to improve behaviour

Be certain!

Being certain will help you over time will improve classroom behaviour,

Routine Routine Routine

Having a classroom routine is more important than what the routine is. Routines are an easy way of managing classroom behaviour

The art of not speaking

Does not asking for silence in the classroom ever get silence? This classroom management tip might seem counter productive, but it does improve behaviour

Oh no! It rained

How high are your classroom expectations? Should you ever let anything impact your classroom expectations?