Free teaching ideas helping you find that lightbulb moment for the classroom.

We provide free, simple to use teaching ideas to help improve teachers at all stages of their career. This is not an educational philosophy, it’s just good practical teaching.


We have broken down  teaching and learning  into 8 areas of focus


Classroom Behaviour




Learning intentions & Success Criteria


Classroom questioning


Assessment for learning






We believe that focusing on small and consistent changes with your practice has positive results with the students


No big changes to teaching and learning, small changes to your classroom teaching using our free teaching tips

Why use Rethink Education?

We are free

We are not here for your money. We want help as many teachers as possible by sharing tips and strategies for the classroom.

Practical and simple

We focus on "no-nonsense" practical tips that you can embed into your practice. All our tips are 5 minute reads.


These tips are not subject focused, all of tips will work for any subject. These are teaching tips, not subject tips.

Tested by teachers

We are all teachers working in schools. We are testing these tips to ensure they have an impact.

How can Rethink Education help you with teaching and learning?

1 - Teaching tips and strategies 

Use the menu bar at the top of the screen to browse the different teaching tips we have currently on the site, these are always being added and are constantly being reviewed to make sure these tips are practical and impactful for the students in your classes.

2 - Record what happened

Use this record document to write down and record how the tip worked in your lesson. What was good about it how did it impact your lesson? Was anything about it not useful? It is important to get down as much as you can to help you reflect on your lesson

3 - Reflect, reflect, reflect

Reflect on the tip. Did it make the impact you expected, how could you adapt what you currently do to include it. We do not believe in wholesale change, however, making some small changes to your practice could result in some big changes. 

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